Fifteen awesome online tools you should know about


So here is a news, I am on Medium now. And even added as a writer to Medium publication named Hacker Daily. Few days later when I registered on this site I wrote an article with the same title as above and later editor of Hacker Daily added me and my article in that publication. So here goes that informative article.

  • Canva — An amazing solution for creating posters, banners, covers and much more all at one place.
  • Pixlr — Premium solution for editing photos online and if you want you can store and share them too.
  • 10minutemail — Feared about spam emails? 10minutemail is here to provide you an email for 10 minutes just for temporary use.
  • Vimeo — So you know YouTube eh? Here is another popular video streaming website. Don’t dare to underestimate this one.
  • Khan Academy — Thousands of educating videos, tons of questions to practice, so many code pieces and their spin-offs. There you go!
  • Coursera — Graduate level videos by top universities around the globe. You can even earn certificates for enrolling and completing the courses.
  • Google Fonts — This one is specifically for web developers. Find web fonts for next website, free!
  • Dribbble — Find your next designing inspiration here. Anyone can browse the public designs without registering on the site.
  • Imgur — Upload, share and host your image in a jiffy. There is also an option of creating an account so that you can arrange uploaded images and check out all the related stats (upvotes, downvotes, and views).
  • Postimage — So, you want to keep it simple (unlike Imgur?). Postimage is here for you. Just upload, copy link and share it in IM or via emails.
  • Cloud Convert — Websites tagline says “Convert anything to anything”. Yep they do keep their promise.
  • Mega — Upload, store and share files online. Storage capacity as huge as 50 GB, and that too completely free. That’s just more than enough for any individual.
  • Zero Dollar Movies — Name says it all. Find free to watch YouTube movies at this place. All refined movies especially for you.
  • Privnote — So you’ve got something secret to say. Privnote is here for you. Just put the message, customize options (if you want some manual function), copy the link and send it. It will destruct automatically after its opened once. Enigmatic eh!
  • Redirect Checker — Suspicious about those or links? Try this tool. Just put the link in the input bar and hit analyze, it will give a complete report. There is even an option to switch different clients of browsers.

Go on! Hit these tools now and get them do whatever you want.

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Windows Hack – Disable USB to copy your data


I am not sure whether this will work with CDs or not but this surely gonna disable all USB drives to copy your system’s data. This works very well on Windows XP, Vista and 7. I am not sure about Windows 8 and 8.1, you can check it yourself. So, here I get started, do’em all stepwise as mentioned below.

  1. Click on the Start button.
  2. Click on Run, or you can search for it in Windows 7 Start menu.
  3. Type regedit in the Run input bar.
  4. After this, a window named Registry Editor will get open.
  5. In the left, find your way through HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\usbstor
  6. At the right side, click on the file named Start to open it.
  7. After opening it a console box will prompt, like below
  8. Now change the Value Data to 4.
  9. Click OK, close Registry Editor and refresh the desktop.
  10. Now our hack had been enabled. No one can copy your data with any USB device without your permission.
  11. To reverse this change you can do all above mentioned steps to reach the Prompt Console as mentioned and figured in 7 and 8 respectively, just change the Value Data to 3 again.

So here goes your hack… 🙂

Reference – What is a useful trick of a computer that takes five minutes to learn?

High Schools – days of past


Here is a list of thing that had happened since March (my last post) –

  1. CBSE Class 12th exam (Final term school exam) – started from 2nd March, ended at 28th March
  2. JEE Mains 2015 (for engineering students; type of college entrance exam) – on 4th April
  3. VIT University entrance exam – on 10th April
  4. SRM University entrance exam – on 21st April
  5. BITSAT (Entrance exam for BITS Braches) – on 21st May
  6. JEE Advanced (Entrance exam for IITs and ISM) – on 24th May
  7. CBSE Class 12th exam result – on 25th May (today)

So, #1 is something that I did for last time in my life, this final term exam recorded my last school activity. It’s finally over now. Among all of the above five things (precisely – exams) mentioned above, this was one of the two things that went on in a lucid manner.

Next big thing (that influenced this period most), was #2 JEE Mains exam. Yep! A kinda high-level exam for students to make their entry in Engineering colleges in India. (Note: This is the thing over which every high school student end-up his social life to make a good rank and hence a better college).

After this #3 (VIT University Exam), #4 (SRM University) and #5 (BITS Exam) and kinda same thing as JEE Mains, but they are conducted by individual universities. Well, I was having some expectations with these exams but soon one after another each and every test was shattering my enthusiasm. And finally what all these stuffs really offered me was a big heart break.

And finally the last exam #6 JEE Advanced was what that I could say the true demotivator of this whole time. The one who qualify JEE Mains are eligible to write this #6 exam. Though I was guessing it was only a mistake that I filled its form.

And the final thing in the list #7 Class 12th exam result, this was the only thing which made this month a bit better from miserable. My Class 12th result was just above average (94.4%) and I was almost satisfied with it.

So as a whole this was kinda similar to a miserable roller coaster ride. Right now, I have almost nothing to do. What I really do these days is just Internet, Television, Phone, Programming, Books and that’s all. However, right me and my family will be leaving to Vaishno Devi in next few days, and I really need a break.

March… eh!


So it’s none other than our very March. Here I am on the edge of crossing my final school year. Yep! Feeling a bit sentimental, but I think it’s a bit normal. You know leaving all the school guys away, and even our teachers, how one can ever forget their taunting (although caring) voices. However, what worse had happened is that our school didn’t celebrate farewell this year. It was, however, important for us – to summon together, to celebrate our unity and to say goodbye altogether. Sad though. Everything didn’t how we were expecting. In spite of all this, our teacher said that this is the only beginning. We would be getting many kind of treats and parties in our colleges. Really?

So here are going my final exam, and then my colleges entrance exams till May. And a big break in June and July. Understanding that ‘Big Break’? Means totally relaxed. No work, no exams, no schools etc etc. I am thinking of some interesting curricular activities to practice in this break. Well I had already planned everything.

Guess what I’d missed


So here comes a bad news. “it’s 17 December”. Definitely it is, wait it’s not over. “it’s 17 December and I missed The Hobbit movie (released on 12 December)”. Oh gosh! I missed my most awaited movie. Wait it’s still not complete yet, a bit more to go. “it’s 17 December and I missed The Hobbit movie (released on 12 December) and none of the theater is right now showing that movie”. Ugh! Can’t believe I missed that.

So the only good thing that happened till yet is I finally ended up from my pre-board exam (remember its class 12th), but wait it’s not the end there is yet so much more to come I am telling you. The second pre-board, practical exams, final board exam, college entrance exams, college sem exams and so on (yep till infinity).

End can never be reached