Thing that is destroying the internet

Wondering where did that thought came from?

Well, it had always been in my mind, but this thing just amplified that annoyance to a 100 times.


FYI, all these mails in just 1 week. No kidding, they are sending me like 50 spam mails everyday! And now that if I wonder, lately there had been numerous things that are actually destroying internet. Although, this post isn’t about those. Spams is what I’ll be focusing in this post. Hmm… So lets see what these guys are sending.


Almost every mail is an advertisement for a company and I repeat the same mail for 5-10 times a day. There is no doubt sender of all these mails are same, in fact I don’t even remember signing up to any such campaign, I mean why would I? My email was surely sold to these guys by some other firm which somehow managed to get my email. Honestly speaking, I am very cautious about my contact privacy. I never provide my email to any untrusted party, and if situation is worse then prefer to use any temporary mail service. But still I can’t believe I someone somehow managed to get it and sell it. Also, situation wasn’t this worse few months ago, when I was receiving only 5-6 spams per week by this same company. It was when I decided to use that unsubscribe button on their email. It had worked sometime in the past, I just thought simply clicking this might stop this tiny spam.

BACKSTORY: I once applied for an internship. Although I didn’t get it but later they were spamming me because I had provided them my email. It was like 5-6 spam mails later that I decided to reply to that spam mail. I decided to reply because I knew the email from which spam was coming belonged to some specific guy at that workplace. So, I clearly mentioned him that I came into your circle because of internship, and since I had already been turned down now I am of no use to you, so kindly remove me with your sender’s list. I received an apology and that was their last mail.

Their unsubscribe process was a little different form usual. This time instead of clicking any link, I had to mail them to stop sending me mails. So, I did that. What a relieving breath I took when I hit that send. And later that day I had some nice cold coffee, checked out YouTube a little, went for a walk, returned home checked my email and now there was no spam. Yes, no spam. Instead, now I was receiving those spams inside my INBOX! And there were tons of them this time.

Yes, somehow I made Gmail believed these mails were not spam anymore, so now I had to train Gmail all over again by marking all these as spams. I managed to shift these back to the spam folder. And here I am now. Facing almost 500 of them in a week.

Talking about these kind of services, I think this is one of the most disgusting service that one can offer, I believe that is the reason why marketing company don’t mention themselves in such kind of services and only the advertisers themselves. No company wants to be hated, so they do it anonymously. I even checked the report abuse section link in the spam mails that I receiving and all I found was an email something like[at]gmail[dot]com. I mean I can sense it by that email how professional these people are, and I am pretty sure no one over there had even dared to check the inbox of that email.

Now that I have already cleared my second year, and my primary email is flooding with spam, I think its now time to create another email. Although, I am pretty sure I would have kept it if it wasn’t for the spam, they destroyed it. Thing which I am uncertain of is, even if this firm got closed, will these spams stop? Answer is definite no. Why? Because when they’ll be on the verge of shutting down or I block them completely, they’ll be forwarding my emails to some other stupid firm and it will start all over again. And this is how they destroyed my first ever email on internet. To all spammers – *F word goes here*.


Some random online tools I wanna share

So here is a news, I am on Medium now. And even added as a writer to Medium publication named Hacker Daily. Few days later when I registered on this site I wrote an article with the same title as above and later editor of Hacker Daily added me and my article in that publication. So here goes that informative article.

  • Canva — An amazing solution for creating posters, banners, covers and much more all at one place.
  • Pixlr — Premium solution for editing photos online and if you want you can store and share them too.
  • 10minutemail — Feared about spam emails? 10minutemail is here to provide you an email for 10 minutes just for temporary use.
  • Vimeo — So you know YouTube eh? Here is another popular video streaming website. Don’t dare to underestimate this one.
  • Khan Academy — Thousands of educating videos, tons of questions to practice, so many code pieces and their spin-offs. There you go!
  • Coursera — Graduate level videos by top universities around the globe. You can even earn certificates for enrolling and completing the courses.
  • Google Fonts — This one is specifically for web developers. Find web fonts for next website, free!
  • Dribbble — Find your next designing inspiration here. Anyone can browse the public designs without registering on the site.
  • Imgur — Upload, share and host your image in a jiffy. There is also an option of creating an account so that you can arrange uploaded images and check out all the related stats (upvotes, downvotes, and views).
  • Postimage — So, you want to keep it simple (unlike Imgur?). Postimage is here for you. Just upload, copy link and share it in IM or via emails.
  • Cloud Convert — Websites tagline says “Convert anything to anything”. Yep they do keep their promise.
  • Mega — Upload, store and share files online. Storage capacity as huge as 50 GB, and that too completely free. That’s just more than enough for any individual.
  • Zero Dollar Movies — Name says it all. Find free to watch YouTube movies at this place. All refined movies especially for you.
  • Privnote — So you’ve got something secret to say. Privnote is here for you. Just put the message, customize options (if you want some manual function), copy the link and send it. It will destruct automatically after its opened once. Enigmatic eh!
  • Redirect Checker — Suspicious about those or links? Try this tool. Just put the link in the input bar and hit analyze, it will give a complete report. There is even an option to switch different clients of browsers.

Go on! Hit these tools now and get them do whatever you want.

The original article goes here.

By the way I like books

Ok.. So since last 2 year the only ‘non-boring’ things that I’ve been doing except exploring Science is going through some of the most brilliant master piece novels. It includes JRR Tolkein, JK Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, and many more. Till yet each and every book that I read was a pure piece of miracle. You think I am boasting, you should make a try.

Alright. One is totaslly free to say this part belongs to a master piece or not but the truth is this man got my initial attention. Chetan hagat. I started with his ‘Five point someone’. My inital observation – till the moment when I reached it’s last 270th page, each and every page was reflecting the efforts made by him to write his first debut. Telling what ‘not’ to do at IIT Chetan Bhagat wrote a best seller. If you think that you are having no interest in reading novels, I recommend you try him. This guy can make you involved in all this with his single addicting novel.

Now about JRR Tolkien. Now what can I say of him. Who knew that a 24 year aged British soldier who served in 1st world war will later on write a classic fantasy like ‘Lord of the Rings’. This novels, with no doubt, falls in my favorite category, I mean the setting of each and every scene , creating the idea of clan of different creatures (like elves, dwarfs, trolls etc), making existence of mysterious and powerful rings, a clever evil villain like Sauron and creating an all new innocent, honest and brave creature like hobbit in that era was only possible for an extraordinary writer.

JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series. I was a blast. You know. Just like a Uranium atom loosing it’s constituents and releasing large amount of energy, Of course I am talking about the nuclear bomb. You will probably fell in love with it’s each and every para. Her technique of writing really hooked me in the novel and hardly allowed me to leave. The mysterious world of Hogwarts was the most entertaining idea made by her that let many of her reader to like this series.

Stephenie Meyer. I know that you might be knowing her ‘The Twilight Saga’ series much better. In spite of reading her ‘eclipse’ only I knew only few about her, but her this novel revealed her extraordinary ability of writing a romantic novel.